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How To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Fishers

September 27, 2021
A sunny day at the Lakeside Apartment pool.

Those scorching summer days can keep your Fishers apartment sweltering -- specifically if you occupy a unit on the top floor. You could increase the burden on the A/C unit for instant gratification and deal with higher utility costs. Another option is to occupy most of your day in the swimming pool. Alternatively, follow these tips to stay cool in your apartment in Fishers.

Use Your A/C Wisely To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Fishers

A woman adjusting the thermostat

When attempting to stay cool in your apartment in Fishers, it’s often enticing to turn up your cooling system. Unfortunately, operating your A/C equipment at top capacity can get a bit pricey, and it’s not intended to cool your space more than 15-20 degrees lower than the outer air temperature. You can operate your A/C in a less demanding fashion by setting the thermostat to a slightly higher temp as you prepare to head out for the day. This will keep your residence from becoming too warm without overburdening your trusty air conditioner when you’re away. After you return home, turn it back down to a more pleasant comfort level.

Routine care of your system helps your air conditioner function at a high level of efficiency as well. It’s a good idea to call on your property managaement to examine it and switch out the filters on a regular basis. Many complexes schedule air filter installations throughout the year and supply the filters for you. Tell them if you believe a filter needs changing or if your system is having a problem.

Use Window Treatments To Minimize the Impact Of The Sun’s Heat

Modern living room on a sunny day. 

Windows are known to bring in an abundance of heat. Shielding your rooms with the right window treatments can help. Start by closing your blinds. Even the white blinds found in a majority of apartments will redirect a bit of the natural heat from sunshine. Then, install blackout curtains. These solid products block those warm ultraviolet rays and will aid in getting your unit a few degrees lower. The majority of apartment complexes don’t mind if you install curtain hardware as long as you repair the holes in the walls before you move out.

If you are enamored with the natural landscape of your apartment grounds to the extent that you hesitate to conceal your windows, try temporary temperature control window film. This transparent product affixes to your windows where it blocks the passage of heat but not your perspective. You can enhance your project even more by placing weatherstripping around the window perimeter to limit the intrusion of hot air while keeping cooler air inside.

Enhance Airflow And Comfort With Fans

Fans help ensure ideal airflow and ventilation through all of your living areas to keep you more comfortable. Place your choice of fans by a vent to get your cooled air circulating. If you already use overhead fans, make sure they turn in a counterclockwise manner. This causes the blades to force cool air downward.

If you have access to exhaust fans in the bathroom or over the stove, you could benefit from these too. Generally, these fans pull warmer air from your space and discharge it outside when showering or cooking, but they can remove warm air at any time. Power them on when you return from a long day to remove the uncomfortable, warm air that collects throughout your interior all day while your cooling system or ceiling fans replace it with cooler air.

Keep The Oven Off When The Summer Heat Is Sizzling

A dark cabinet kitchen with red walls facing the oven and sink. 
Ovens and stoves give off a lot of heat when in use. When you’re finding it a challenge to stay cool in your apartment in Fishers, avoid using these appliances. Alternatively, handle your cooking in a crockpot, microwave, or instant pot. Or enjoy a crisp, cold salad and hearty sandwich. An icy drink and a frozen treat for dessert will help you stay cool as well!

You Can Stay Cool At State at Fishers

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