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How To Childproof Your Apartment In Fishers

June 29, 2022
Blue decor with wooden flooring in a spacious living room located at Echo Park Bloomington apartments.

You could have little ones of your own or a baby coming in the near future. You may also frequently host friends or family members with youngsters. Whatever the case may be, if you intend to have infants or tots in your Fishers apartment, you’ll have to do a bit of childproofing to keep everyone safe. Here are several suggestions to childproof your apartment in Fishers.

Childproof Your Apartment In Fishers By Putting Dangerous Items Into Inaccessible Areas

Colorful bedroom located at Lakeside apartments 

Little ones have a natural curiosity and attempt to touch all types of things. The starting point to childproofing an apartment in Fishers is to position potentially hazardous or breakable things into areas that can’t be reached. Stroll through your apartment seeking out objects a kid shouldn’t have access to and find a new home for them all. You are looking for
  • Sharp objects.
  • Any hazardous materials.
  • Strings and cords from window blinds that create a strangulation risk.
  • Breakable knick-knacks.
  • Essential credentials or paperwork.
  • Vases and other filled containers.
  • Things that could be deemed good to eat but aren’t, like pills or your pet’s water and food.
  • Bookcases or other unsecured items that a toddler might try to climb and pull down.
  • Pens and pencils.

Utilize Child Safety Locks To Halt Tots From Rummaging Through Cabinets

Close up of a white cabinet with a baby-proof lock system. 

Even in spacious apartments, you’re not likely to have enough higher, safe spots to keep items. But you can still shield kids and your valuables by hiding them in secured cabinets. You’ll find various styles of locking devices for sale. Some interlock with cabinet knobs, while others make doors impossible to unfasten for toddlers with still developing fine motor skills. And when the child in your apartment likes to play in the fridge or toilet, get locking devices for those too.

Install Baby Gates To Stop Your Youngest Guests From Roaming

Baby throws a yellow ball through the baby gate on the floor. 

As soon as they become mobile, little ones try to wander about. In order to keep them close by and clear of hazardous areas like utility rooms and kitchens, employ a playard or baby gates to secure them. A little playpen will have ample room for an infant and lots of playthings to entertain them as you’re fixing a meal or doing your best to get some work done. Foldable pack ‘n’ plays stow away with ease when you don’t need them.

If you have inquisitive toddlers, indoor gates will corral them in a defined area. Various baby gates are secured by pressure mounting so you aren’t required to drill holes in the walls. If you must drill holes for a baby gate, don’t forget to fix the holes prior to moving.

Keep Kids Out Of Danger With Childproof Door Locks

Kids grow quickly, and in less time than you can believe, they’re tall enough to reach the doorknob and leave. To thwart little runaways, always keep your security door chain locked whenever you have children about. If your unit doesn’t have a door chain or you regularly don’t remember to keep it locked, try a door knob cover that makes it challenging for smaller hands to grab and turn the knob. For sliding patio doors, try an easy-to-install flip lock. These bond to the immobile segment of the door and prevent children from pushing the door at all after you activate the lock.

Avert Falls With A Balcony Protector

Balcony with a railing at Waverly Apartments

If you let little ones come out on your balcony, a balcony guard is mandatory. These have the appearance of screens and fasten to your balcony with zip ties to stop anything from falling through rails. You can even opt for a a non-transparent option that offers the bonus of providing privacy during times when you don’t have kids around.

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