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A Studio Apartment Vs. A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

September 29, 2020

Exterior of Park 66 Apartments

When beginning to look for apartments in Fishers, you'll see a wide range of layouts to consider. Maybe you plan on living on your own or with a friend. If this is the case, you may gravitate towards either a one-bedroom or studio apartment.

One-bedroom layouts have a a designated space for sleeping. On the other hand, studio apartments include all of your living areas into one large room. Each choice has its advantages, but how do you know what is the best option for you? Let's make a comparison between a studio apartment versus a one-bedroom apartment.

Benefits Of A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Model living room in a Fishers apartment.

As you would expect, one-bedroom units have an isolated space for you to sleep. That gives you extra privacy, a valuable commodity if you have a roommate. Are you wondering about the added benefits of a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers?

  • Close your door to eliminate noise from the main living space.
  • Easier to separate quiet time and entertaining.
  • You have extra space for your clothing and belongings.
  • Separate rooms make it easier to decorate.

Reasons for Choosing A Studio Apartment In Fishers

Model studio apartment in Fishers.

A studio apartment comes with a bathroom, but the rest of the area is one room. The sleeping, dining, and living areas are combined into an open-concept living arrangement. In addition to the whole zen motif, you have more reasons to love a studio apartment.

  • A single space means you save time cleaning.
  • Lower payments on energy bills when heating or cooling one room.
  • Great for new renters.
  • Save on monthly rent without sharing costs with a roommate.

More to Consider For A Studio Apartment Vs A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Although you may know the basics about studio and one-bedroom apartments, you might still have trouble making a choice. As an example, a studio apartment affords little privacy compared to a one-bedroom. when sharing with a loved one, roommate, or even your furry friend, it's tough to find personal time. You really shouldn’t need to hide in the bathroom. And, when you have friends over, your company are likely to use your bed as a place to hang out.

Despite the privacy concern, studios are more efficient. If you are OK without separate rooms, you can get out of bed, grab a bite to eat, and be out the door to work in no time at all. They are a snap to clean, and can save you money in heating and cooling. With less money out of pocket, a studio could be great for people who think of apartments as simply a place to rest for a couple of hours.

Choose An Ideal Apartment For Your Needs

Open kitchen in a Fishers apartment.

The best way to choose between a studio apartment vs. a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers is to explore the great choices at State at Fishers. Contact one of our knowledgeable leasing agents today at 463-240-1709 or click the "schedule a tour" button. It would be our pleasure to show you around and help you find the ideal apartment.