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6 Apartment Hacks For Living Comfortably In Fishers

July 14, 2020

Patio area at Fishers apartment

Regardless if you’re new to apartment hacks in Fishers or have been a renter for many years, it’s always a good time to efficiently set up your apartment home. But how can you use more color or increase storage within the rules of your rental contract?

Taking large upgrades out of consideration, below are 6 apartment hacks in Fishers that can make apartment living easier.

Apartment Hack #1: Use Furniture That Can Also Serve As Storage

Apartment living room in Fishers

Whether or not you reside in a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment it’s certain that the most desired apartment hack in Fishers centers around additional storage capacity. You just need one more closet to hide away off-season sweaters or children’s play things. And while you can ask if your apartment property provides a personal garage or basement storage area, you can add more storage utilizing your furniture.

Start by searching for ottomans and coffee tables that are built with hidden storage spaces. Transportable kitchen carts can also be used for cookware storage and are a way to make a multi-use space to make a meal. Additionally, don't allow the space below your bed to go without being used. A bed frame that has drawers on the bottom will provide extra storage -- or build your own drawers by putting stylish organizers below your bed.

Apartment Hack #2: Put In A Closet Organizer

Model home bathroom in Fishers

Whether or not you have a spacious walk-in or tiny closet, there’s always wasted space from the top of the closet to the bottom of the floor. Many closet organization systems don’t have to be attached to the wall, and they can be customized to your personal wants. Getting one that comes with built-in shelves and drawers should also reduce the need for some home furnishings like a space-hogging dresser or cabinet. Renter’s could also install a second hangbar, giving you more hanging storage.

Apartment Hack #3: Get Some Smart Plugs

The ability to easily keep your eye on small appliances such as a light, coffee pot, or ceiling light remotely can both simplify your life and help keep your apartment in Fishers extra energy efficient. By simply adding in a smart plug, you can turn your devices and appliances into smart devices with just your voice. They are easy to install and great for devices that are hard for you to reach.


Apartment Hack #4: Get Creative With Decals Or Removable Wallpaper

Model kitchen in Fishers

At times a wall requires something extra, and your current pictures and hanging artwork just do not work. A removable vinyl decal or wallpaper might be the perfect solution. Removable wallpaper can come in many different designs and are relatively simple to install. Fortunately when your lease ends, you can simply peel the decals away without leaving any mess. 

Apartment Trick #5: Raise The Bed

Elevated beds are perfect for kids, as they offer your kids additional floor space to play or work! You can build a desk, cabinet, or locker in the nook on the bottom. Or make a reading nook by setting a comfy chair, fluffy rug, and a small bookcase inside. Depending on your needs, this can be an simple DIY project, or you can ask for help from a pro. You can even create a elegant and modern loft bed in your own non-kid room! 

Apartment Hack #6: Update An Outdoor Space

Patio of model home in Fishers

Don’t allow your personal patio or balcony go to waste. Yes, it’s possible you could be happy with simply a porch chair and bbq grill on your porch, but you could also make it a wonderful refuge from the day-to-day hustle.

Although you can just appreciate the greenery, you could want to add some opulent plants for a sweet-smelling setting. Add lights to the night by dangling lanterns or a strand of lights. If you have wall space, decorate it with a work of art or greenery. You can also just go all out by following a theme. Your outside space can serve as an island retreat using a hammock and tropical greenery or a relaxing garden by outfitting it with beautiful stones and hanging chimes.

Consider These Apartment Hacks In Fishers At State at Fishers

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